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AlpSolarr Made Its Exhibition Debut at K.EY Italy

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SHENZHEN LIGOO New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. has its global energy storage brand -AlpSolarr unveiled in Italy at the K.EY show happening in Rimini, a beautiful costal city, from March 22 to March 24.


As the first show of the AlpSolarr energy storage systems, our booth shined at the scene with its distinctive brand style. It has a total of settings including household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, inverters, all-in-one ESS and iEMS platform, showcaseing the comprehensive strength of AlpSolarr's full range of energy storage products.


Residential, Industrial and Commercial Battery Energy Storage System

AlpSolarr COMO series residential energy storage products on display this time are equipped with a four-layer safety protection system with self-developed BMS embedded to conduct refined management of battery cells, as has been successfully testified and widely used in electirc cars. The battery module is equipped with a fire extinguishing capsule to eliminate the risk of thermal runaway at an early stage. The system circuit is equipped with "dual contactors + MOS tubes" to achieve higher-level of protection; remote big data AI analysis enables the system to achieve advance warning.


The COMO series can operate efficiently in ultra-low temperature environments and has a cycle life of more than 6,000 times. AlpSolarr's original charge and discharge management system makes the system efficiency significantly ahead of similar products through in-depth analysis of the operating status of energy storage batteries. The one-click intelligent adaptation function of the APP allows you to simply check at a glance, and all parameters are automatically recognized and displayed by the system.


The COMO L1 low-voltage battery system provides users with 4 different capacity options, including 5kWh-7.5kWh-10kWh-12.5kWh, which can be flexibly selected according to user needs to meet the family's 24-hour uninterrupted power demand. Sufficient backup power allows you to No need to be upset by a sudden power outage. COMO L1 is not only an industrial product, but also a cool home appliance - 18cm ultra-thin body, 19.8kg ultra-light module, high-end and simple design, perfectly integrated into your home decoration style.


The COMO series also provides high voltage options. COMO H1 high-voltage battery system includes 5 models with different capacities from 8.0kWh to 18.0kWh. We adopt a cableless plug-in stacked structure, so a single person can easily complete the entire installation process.


In addition to residential esolutions, industrial and commercial energy storage is a new favorite in the industry with constant topics and rising popularity this year. The AlpSolarr ATLAS 01 series of small industrial and commercial energy storage systems attracted much attention at the K.EY exhibition. ATLAS 01 is a representative product of AlpSolsarr's solutions for industrial and commercial applications. It can be widely used in various user-side scenarios such as commercial buildings, factory parks, and data centers. It can realize frequency and voltage regulation, peak shaving, and emergency power supply. The system adopts modular design and has the characteristics of high security, high reliability and high standardization.


Single-Phase, Three-Phase Hybrid Inverter

The ROSA series is a product line of hybird inverters for residential energy storage systems developed independently by AlpSolarr. The rated power range covers 3kw-12kw, meeting the needs of most home appliances. It has the advantages of "safety, stability and high efficiency". The inverter has a lightweight design, is easy to install, and has a home appliance-like design that perfectly fit into the decoration of your house. All-round data of the operation process is displayed in the mobile app, and the visual design allows users to have a clear understanding of the operation status. At the same time, the redundant design enhances environmental adaptability, durability, and weather resistance. Even if used for a long time, there is no need to disassemble the machine for cleaning and replace wearing parts. The intelligent design adds the function of online software upgrade, which enables remote software upgrade without power outage.

ROSA G1 single-phase inverter covers the power range of 3kw-6kw, and also has the advantages of light weight and easy installation by a single person. ROSA T1 three-phase inverter covers the power range of 5kw-12kw. The modular design facilitates expansion and leaves room for future demand growth.


At the same time, AlpSolarr's original "X-Energy" four-in-one energy management architecture for optical network, load and storage significantly leads the way in operating efficiency. The first "iVolt" smart energy OS system can predict and actively call a variety of energy sources and appliances in real time, and seamlessly switch intelligent operations.

All-in-One Energy Storage System

The SENSE series energy storage all-in-one product brought by ApSolarr to the K.EY exhibition has received many positive reviews since its launch and received active inquiries from on-site customers.

AlpSolarr SENSE 01 series photovoltaic and storage all-in-one machine integrates the functions of three modules: photovoltaic inverter, energy storage inverter and energy storage battery system, and its exquisite appearance is comparable to home appliances.


Super light

We adopted automotive-grade lightweight technology to achieve the lightest module in its class with optimal energy density. At the same time, the product's appearance adopts an ultra-thin design, which is minimalist yet technologically cool.


For the first time, we announced the concept of "five-levelr safety design", which includes a self-developed and reliable BMS at the battery level; the Pack level is equipped with fire extinguishing capsules and uses the industry's advanced fire retardant coatings; the system level is designed with circuit protection; and finally, the cloud level has Powerful iEMS. The five-layer safety design allows our battery safety to reach the ideal state of "a fire can barely start, nor can it come out".


We used big data AI analysis to tailor an energy management system for SENSE 01. In this system, you don't need to switch modes frequently, you only need to choose the results you care about most. If you select the "economically optimal" result, the system will automatically select the "economically optimal" mode for you based on your power consumption habits, local climate, and power grid status. In addition, AlpSolarr self-developed iEMS platform will also remotely monitor the health of your system in real time to achieve advance warning.


Some customers immediately signed a partnership agreement with AlpSolarr to express their intention to cooperate. The team is inspired, and we will forge ahead diligently, practice the company philosophy of "integrity, pragmatism, dedication, and innovation", take clean energy as our mission to drive a better world, and bring safer and more efficient new energy products to our customers. , continue to create value for customers!


AlpSolarr is a global energy storage brand owned by SHENZHEN LIGOO New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd, The company is affiliated to Ligoo (Shandong) New Energy Technology Co, Ltd founded in 2010. Relying on a strong group of engineers experienced in the field of renewable energy, AlpSolarr has developed a series of proprietary technologies related to BMS, PCS, and EMS, so to achieve a safe and stable energy storage system for environmental purposes.
Our business now covers a majority area in mainland China, as well as 46 nations and regions around the world, including Germany, Italy, South Africa, the United States, , the United Kingdom, France and Japan, etc. We provide complete ESS solutions ranging from residential, industrial, and commercial to telecommunication applications, ideally easing user worries about energy access.

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