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4.5-9kWLFP 2 MPPTs
ROSA G1 uses advanced control algorithms to implement an integrated energy management system in PV system to control and optimize energy flow. The hybrid inverter has both LED local monitoring and EMS system remote control functions, with excellent load adaptability and grid adaptability. In addition, the good hardware design makes it effective to deal with a variety of complex application environments, making system operation safer, more reliable, more economical, and more adaptable to the environment.
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Hybrid Inverter
4.5-9kW丨LFP/VRLA丨 2 MPPTs


  • On-grid and off-grid dual output, can drive air conditioning and other inductive loads, and off-grid switching time can be less than 20ms to realize uninterrupted power supply

  • Adaptable to lithium batteries, batteries and PV/AC system are isolated by high frequency transformer, which is safe and reliable

  • Bidirectional DCDC can greatly reduce switching loss and improve charging/discharging efficiency due to resonant soft-switching ZVS technology and synchronous rectification technology

  • Compatible with wired CTs and meters for anti-reverse flow to protect power grid from pollution

DC Input
Max. Power4500W5400W6000W6900W7500W9000W
Max. Voltage550V
MPPT Voltage Range100~540V
Rated DC Voltage400V
Start Voltage100V
Max. DC Input Current15A / 15A
No. of MPPT2
Battery Parameters
Battery TypeLithium battery
Rated Voltage48 V
Rated Charging/ Discharging Current66 A75 A85 A100 A100 A100 A
AC Output [On-grid]
Rated AC Power3000W3600W4000W4600W5000W6000W
Rated AC VoltageSingle phase(L/N/PE),230 V
Rated Output Frequency50Hz / 60 Hz
AC Output [UPS]
Rated Output Power3000 VA3600 VA4000 VA4600 VA5000 VA5000 VA
Max. Output Current16 A16 A22 A22 A22 A22 A
Switch Time≤ 20 ms
Peak Output Apparent Power150%, 10s
Max. Efficiency97.80%
Euro Efficiency97.50%
Max. Battery Charging/ Discharging Efficiency94.60%
BMS CommunicationCAN
Monitoring CommunicationWi-Fi/ Ethernet/4G (Optional)
General Data
Operating Temperature-25~60°C (>45°C derating)
CoolingNatural cooling
Altitude≤3000m (>3000m derating)
Noise≤ 25 dB
IP RatingIP66
Dimensions [H*W*D]510×509×200mm
Weight25 kg
Warranty5 Year(Standard) / 10 Year(Optional)
ProtectionDC switch,DC reverse polarity protection,AC/DC surge protection(Type II ),Battery reverse protection,AC short-circuit protection,Anti-islanding protection,Residual-current monitoring,Insulation resistance monitoring
CertificationCEI 0-21, VDE4105-AR-N, VDE0126-1-1, EN50438, G98, G99, EN50549, AS4777.2
IEC62109-1&-2, EN61000-6-1/2/3/4


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