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SNEC 2024 - AlpSolarr back in China

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On May 24, AlpSolarr appeared at the SNEC PV POWER EXPO with a full range of residential, industrial and commercial energy storage solutions. A number of blockbuster products feasted the eyes of the audience, and the booth also triggered a wave of visits.



Being the Trend-Setter

At this year’s SNEC, we showcased COMO series residential battery energy storage  systems, the SENSE series all-in-one energy storage systems, ROSA series hybrid inverters, ATLAS industrial and commercial cabinet energy storage system, and iEMS smart energy management platform for the first time in China.



The COMO series BESS including both high and low voltage


The COMO L1 low-voltage battery energy storage system  has excellent safety performance. Paired with iEMS as a battery manager it can realize cell-level health management. It also has the characteristics of ultra-thin design and active thermal management. It can operate in severe cold environments and supports indoor/outdoor, wall-mounted/floor-mounted and other installation requirements.


The COMO H2 high-voltage battery energy storage system’s automotive-grade lightweight technology gives it the reputation of being one of the lightest module in its class. At the same time, this product also has an original "X-watt" charge and discharge management system and a four-layer safety protection and control architecture. In addition, this product features single-person fool-proof installation with supporting APP in which configuration can be done within one-click. The overall operation process is very simple.




The SENSE series all-in-one energy storage Systems

SENSE 01 all-in-one energy storage System has the characteristics of five-layer protection design, extremely light module, and minimalist installation. This product adopts stack-able plug-and-play installation and one-click intelligent configuration through APP. At the same time, with the help of four-layer protection design and big data AI analysis in real-time, it can effectively eliminate security anxiety through the way called “edge-cloud synergy”. SENSE 01 adopts the original "X-Energy" optical network load and storage four-in-one energy management architecture, and also creates the first "iVolt" smart energy OS system, which can conduct actual measurement analysis and actively control multiple types of energy and loads, achieving intelligent operation without interruption. seam switch.


SENSE 09 single-phase all-in-one machine has the characteristics of multiple protection, plug and play, and leading operating efficiency. This product adopts an all-in-one wall-mounted installation, and cooperates with APP one-click intelligent configuration. With the help of deep machine learning and edge-cloud synergy, it can effectively eliminate system security risks.


AlpSolarr is always committed to providing users with high-quality products and solutions based on user needs. At the same time, we will innovate and innovate, aiming to contribute to the development of a new era of energy.



Providing top solutions for renewable energy and constantly creating value for our customers





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