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Ligoo Passed ASPICE CL2 Certification

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On November 28, 2023, Ligoo (Shandong) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ligoo") officially obtained the Automotive SPICE® Capability Level 2 certification (hereinafter referred to as "ASPICE CL2"), and the certificate was issued by Huasai Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huasai"), a well-known domestic certification agency. This indicates that Ligoo has met international advanced standards in BMS system software development, project process control and quality management.

Wu Tao, Principal Assessor of Huasai, Bao Wei, Vice General Manager of Ligo New Energy, Wu Zongjian, Director of Quality and Process Center, directors of various departments of the R&D Center and other representatives from both parties attended the event.


ASPIC stands for "Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination". It is a software process evaluation and improvement model for the automotive industry. It was developed by VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry), a well-known German testing and certification organization. It is one of the universal standards for the global automotive industry to evaluate the software development capabilities of suppliers. It is also an internationally recognized "pass" with the highest gold content in automotive industry software development, and has become one of the access standards for the global automotive supply chain system.

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The ASPICE CL2 certification is another international authoritative certification obtained by Ligoo in the field of automobiles and auto parts, following the IATF 16949 quality management system certification and the ISO 26262 functional safety process certification. It is another important milestone for the company to continuously improve and deepen its product strength, and demonstrates that Ligoo has the ability and strength to provide high-quality, high-standard, and high-safety products and services to global customers in the quality management and safety system construction of the entire life cycle, including system development, software development, management process, production and operation, and its international competitiveness is constantly increasing.

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Bao Wei,vice general manager of Ligoo R&D Center, said: "ASPICE, as a global industry standard for automotive software development, provides a framework for the evaluation and improvement of the software development process, which is crucial for Ligoo to improve software quality. Today, Ligoo has obtained the ISO26262 functional safety certification and ASPICE capability assessment dual certificates, which is not the end, but the starting point. In the future, Ligoo will always adhere to safety as the cornerstone, promote product innovation and mass production application, and help the smart car industry enter the fast lane more safely. We will fully promote the specifications and requirements of ASPICE, and continue to improve them to improve the quality and efficiency of software development throughout the company, escort the timely and high-quality delivery of projects, and provide tools and underlying support for Ligoo's important goal of integrating international R&D management and becoming a mainstream OEM supplier."

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Wu Zongjian, Director of Quality and Process at Ligoo, said: "The ASPICE standard emphasizes quality management and process improvement, which is also what Ligoo focuses on in terms of R&D quality and actively improves. Obtaining ASPICE certification also strengthens the partnership between us and our customers, builds trust, and works together to improve product quality. As regulatory requirements in the automotive industry become increasingly stringent, ASPICE certification ensures that the software development process meets regulatory and standard requirements. By following the ASPICE standard, organizations can optimize development processes, improve quality, and reduce costs. At the same time, obtaining certification is inseparable from the efforts of project members and the strong support of Huasai, which also proves that Ligoo has reached international standards in quality management."

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Wu Tao, Principal Assessor of Huasai, said: "Automobile intelligence has become the mainstream trend of the industry. As the foundation and core of future smart cars, the quality of software will greatly affect the functionality and safety level of vehicle system delivery. This time, Ligoo completed the ASPICE project certification in a short period of time and was awarded the ASPICE CL2 capability assessment certificate, which indicates that it has standardized and normalized software development capabilities, fully reflects Ligoo's development concept of maintaining quality first in past development, and also lays a solid foundation for subsequent higher-level assessments. Driven by the consensus of 'software-defined cars', how to reasonably balance software development activities and take into account the flexible, proactive and rapid iteration characteristics of agile development has become the focus of the industry. Huasai is willing to work closely with Ligoo to jointly usher in new changes in the automotive era."


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