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Ligoo Obtains ISO 26262 ASIL D Process Certification Again

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On October 31, 2023, SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization, officially issued the ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety highest level ASIL D process certification certificate to Ligoo (Shandong) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ligoo") in Hefei. This is the second time that Ligoo has obtained the highest level functional safety process certification certificate after it first won the GB/T 34590:2017 (ISO 26262:2011) automotive functional safety highest level ASIL D process certification certificate in 2018. SGS representatives Lei Xiaojun and Zhang Shuai, Ligoo Vice General Manager Bao Wei, Quality Process Center Director Wu Zongjian, Functional and Information Security Development Department Director Luo Huan and other representatives from both parties attended the event.


Ligoo has always followed the ISO 26262:2018 standard requirements and has always maintained high standards and strict requirements for the development of functional safety platform products, establishing a product development and management process system that fully complies with the highest level of automotive functional safety, "ASIL D".


ISO 26262 is an internationally authoritative automotive functional safety standard and one of the entry barriers for global electronic component suppliers to enter the automotive industry. The standard covers functional safety requirements planning, design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, configuration and other aspects throughout the entire product life cycle. ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) is a classification system based on the ISO26262 standard, with four levels: A, B, C, and D. The higher the level, the stricter the development process.

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Ligoo strictly implements the requirements of ISO 26262:2018 standards. On the basis of the company's existing functional safety product development process and quality management system, it closely cooperates with SGS experts to establish a project management and development team with functional safety engineer qualifications, and builds a functional safety standard development process covering the entire product life cycle, including functional safety management, system development, software and hardware development, and support processes. The R&D team of Ligoo R&D Center and the SGS expert team had a collision of ideas in scenario analysis, safety strategy, and evaluation standards, achieving a perfect combination of design solution security and usability. Ligoo's R&D team continues to deepen the functional safety design of the functional safety platform product concept stage, system stage, and software and hardware stage. The relevant requirements of the functional safety standard for product design have been completed. After an independent audit by SGS, the functional safety standard development process constructed by Ligoo New Energy meets the requirements of ISO 26262:2018 standards and has been awarded the BMS functional safety ASIL D process certification certificate. This will lay a solid foundation for Ligoo New Energy's future functional safety product development and certification.


Bao Wei, vice general manager of Ligoo R&D Center, said: "Ligoo has always attached great importance to functional safety and has strengthened its implementation. We have continuously strengthened the realization, optimization and upgrading of functional safety in our products. This certification represents our further improvement in functional safety, which also makes us more internationally competitive. The comprehensive application of this process system fully reflects the company's pursuit and commitment to high-standard and excellent products, and also demonstrates a deep understanding of customer needs. I would like to thank the R&D personnel for their hard work during the certification process and SGS for their great help. Ligoo's acquisition of the functional safety ASIL D process certification is a new milestone and starting point for us. The company's product line is growing rapidly, and its development is global. The demand for functional safety is also increasing. We look forward to further cooperation between the two parties in the future."

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Lei Xiaojun, a representative of SGS, said: "Ligoo is committed to the industry innovation and development of new energy battery management systems, and has always strictly required all aspects of the entire life cycle of product research and development, production, release, and operation with international standards. The rapid and efficient passing of the functional safety process certification this time demonstrated the team's execution ability and the company's leadership, and enhanced the confidence of domestic and foreign automobile users in Ligo New Energy's high-standard product development process. In the future, SGS will continue to assist Ligoo in product development and certification in the fields of new energy, intelligence, and Internet of Things, and continuously promote the transformation and development of my country's smart car industry."

Ligoo (Shandong) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national "specialized, precise and innovative" little giant enterprise. It is a well-known domestic new energy product supplier integrating independent product research and development, production and sales. It is the first battery management system manufacturer in the country to obtain functional safety ASIL D process certification. It participated in the drafting of national industry standards such as GB/T 39086-2020, GB/T 34590 and GB/T 38661-2020. Ligoo has continued to make efforts in the three-electric field of new energy vehicles, and has formed a product system with BMS products for power batteries for new energy vehicles as the main products, and energy storage and other automotive electronic products as the auxiliary products. It is the largest third-party BMS provider in China.


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