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Deme Series

The Deme Series agricultural grid-end voltage support device integrates stabilizers, inverters, and batteries, boasting multiple advantages. It exhibits strong adaptability, easy installation, and the ability to intelligently compensate for power fluctuations. In terms of basic parameters, it has a wide voltage adaptation range, adjustable down to 100V, with IP54 protection and C3~C5 anti-corrosion design, suitable for various harsh outdoor conditions. Furthermore, it ensures stable single-phase line voltage, convenient installation and maintenance, and features a modular design for flexible expansion based on requirements. Additionally, it promptly performs dynamic power compensation based on voltage changes and offers real-time remote monitoring through a mobile app, allowing users to effortlessly and intelligently manage power supply.
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Deme Series

Grid Voltage lmprove ESS



  • Capable of adapting to a wide range of voltages, adjustable down to a minimum of 100V.

  • Ensures stable voltage for single-phase lines, guaranteeing a consistent user experience.

  • Featuring IP54 protection and C3~C5 anti-corrosion design, suitable for challenging outdoor environments.

  • Designed as an integrated unit for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Adjusts power dynamically in response to voltage fluctuations.

  • Allows real-time remote monitoring through a mobile application

Product numberDE10-05DE10-10DE20-05DE20-10
Battery Parameters
Rated DC Power5kW
Rated Battery Capacity5kWh10kWh5kWh10kWh
DC Side Maximum Current100A
Rated DC VoltageDC51.2V
DC Voltage RangeDC42V~DC58V(Rated Power Output)
AC Side Parameters
AC InputAC Input Voltage Range150V-260V(Scope can be customized)100V-260V(Scope can be customized)
AC OutputAC Output Power10kVA20kVA
Rated AC VoltageAC220V
Power Factor11
Rated Grid Frequency/Frequency Range50Hz/45~55Hz
AC Voltage Fluctuation Range(Steady State)±10%
System Parameters
Communication InterfaceRS485,CAN
Human-Computer InteractionAPP
Protection LevelIP54
Installation methodlanding/Hold the pillar
cooling methodfan cooling
Anti-corrosion levelC3 (C5 can be customized)
Ambient Temperature'-25℃~55℃
Environment Humidity0 ~ 95% (no condensation)
Dimensions (H*W*D)(mm)H1100*W700*D940


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