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8-18.7kWh LFP IP 65
The COMO H2 battery system is a comprehensive and powerful product. It incorporates full lifecycle management, including circuit redundancy protection, a heating system, and fire extinguishing capsules, ensuring high performance even in harsh environments. The product features quick installation by a single person, and the main control unit intelligently adapts to the battery module. Through cloud collaboration, it achieves efficient optimization of the battery system. Additionally, the COMO H2 supports parallel connection and expansion of the system, allowing for flexible and reliable battery solutions as needed.
  • The battery system is designed with full lifecycle management, incorporating circuit redundancy protection, a heating system, and fire extinguishing capsules.
  • Installation is simplified, requiring only one person, and the main control unit is adaptive to the battery module.
  • The system provides support for parallel connection and expansion, enabling parallel connection and extension as needed.
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High Voltage Battery System

8-21.3kWh 丨 LFP 丨 IP 65


Minimalist design

A single person can finish installation. The main control unit is self-adaptive to battery module.


Extremely efficient

Heating system can ensure battery performance in severe environments, and the Cloud can cooperate to optimize battery system in high efficiency.


Flexible Configuration

Parallel connection and expansion can be realized as needed.

COMO H2伸展 充分渲染版本

                                                                   COMO H2   - For Outside
Performance Specification
Battery TypeLithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Rated Energy1)8.0 kWh10.7 kWh13.4 kWh16.0 kWh18.7 kWh
Rated Voltage153.6 Vdc204.8 Vdc256.0 Vdc307.2 Vdc358.4 Vdc
Voltage Range134.4Vdc ~ 172.8 Vdc179.2 Vdc ~ 230.4 Vdc224.0 Vdc ~ 288.0 Vdc268.8 Vdc ~ 345.6 Vdc313.6Vdc ~ 403.2 Vdc
Rated Charge/Discharge Current50 A
CommunicationRS 485 / CAN 2.0 / Wi-Fi
Warranty10 years or 6000 cycles (@90%DOD)
ProtectionQuadruple safety control [BMS, fire extinguishing capsule, circuit protection, cloud monitoring], over-temperature protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, etc.
Physical Specification
Dimensions (W*H*D)650 × 730 × 195 mm650 × 900 × 195 mm650 × 1070 × 195 mm650 × 1240 × 195 mm650 × 1410 × 195 mm
Weight79.5 kg (175.3 lbs)101.5 kg (223.8 lbs)123.5 kg (272.3 lbs)145.5 kg (320.8 lbs)167.5 kg (369.3 lbs)
Environmental Specification
Installation[Indoor / Outdoor] Floor Standing, Wall-mounted
Operating Temperature-22℉ ~ 131℉ (-30℃ ~ 55℃)
Relative Humidity5% ~ 95%
Protection LevelIP 65
AltitudeMax. 9842.5ft (3,000m)
Thermal ManagementNatural Convection
Battery SystemIEC 62619:2022, VDE-AR-E 2510-50:2017, PPP 51094A:2022, IEC/EN 62040-1,  ISO 13849
EmissionsEN 300 328 V2.2.2, EN 310 489-1 / -17, EN 62311:2008, EN/IEC 62311:2020, EN 62479:2010, EN 50663:2017, EN/IEC 61000-6-1:2019, EN/IEC 61000-6-3:2021
OthersUN 38.3, ROHS 2.0
*Test Conditions - Temperature 77℉ (25℃), at the beginning of product life cycle;
*Product specification may change without notice.


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