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2 MPPTs50kW~MWAuto Switching
The ATLAS industrial and commercial series product is a high-safety, high-reliability and standardized series product developed by AlpSolarr for industrial and commercial application scenario field, which adopts modular system configuration to flexibly match all kinds of industrial and commercial scenarios, supports for grid-connection and off-grid automatic switching with the switching time of milliseconds, supports for parallel expansion, facilitates the expansion of the system, can achieve peak and valley time shifting and off-peak power consumption, and alleviates the pressure on the grid. This industrial and commercial energy storage product is suitable for application scenarios with high requirements for grid continuity, can be used for peak shaving and valley filling, backup power and optical storage integrated use, and can also be suitable for application in microgrid scenarios.

The industrial and commercial energy storage integrated machine internally includes a battery insertion box, a control box, a power conversion system (PCS), an air conditioner system, a battery management system (BMS), an energy management system (EMS), a fire protection system, etc.
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C&I Energy Storage System
2 MPPTs丨50kW~MW丨Auto Switching


  • Pack level + cluster level + system level + partition security isolation

  • Real-time monitoring, cloud-based dimension collection, multi-platform display

  • DC coupling, and off-grid automatic switching

  • Multi-level distributed architecture, neural network intelligent SOX algorithm

Product ModelAS03-50S-100
Battery Side Parameter
Cell TypeLFP
Cell Specification3.2V 140/150Ah
PACK Capacity7.168/7.68kWh
Nominal Capacity93.18/99.84kWh
Nominal Voltage665.6V
PV Side Parameter
DC Input Voltage Range150V~1000V
MPPT Voltage Range150V~850V
No. of MPPT Tracker / Strings2/4
Max. DC Input Current55A*2
Max. DC Input Power65kW
AC Side Grid Connection Parameter
Nominal AC Output Power50kW
Max. AC Output Power55kW
THDi<3%(of nominal power)
Nominal Voltage230/400V
Nominal Frequency50/60Hz
AC Side Off-grid Parameter
Nominal Output Power50kW
Wiring Method3L+N+PE
Nominal Output Voltage230/400V
Nominal Output Frequency50/60Hz
THDu<3%(of nominal power)
System Parameter
Communication InterfaceRS485, CAN, etc.
Communication ProtocolModbus
DisplayTouch screen, backend terminal, APP, etc.(Optional)
Protection GradeIP55
Cooling ModeIndustrial Air-conditioning
Installation ModeOutdoor
Corrosion-proofing GradeC3(Customizable)
Ambient Temperature-30℃ ~ +55℃(>45℃ derating)
Ambient Humidity0 ~ 95% (No Condensation)
Size (W*D*H)1150*1300*2100mm


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